Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh, what do you do in the summertime?

On Saturday the 15th, we had a great Primary activity based on the song, "Oh, what do you do in the summertime?" This was the first time I've been in charge of an activity, rather than just helping. It was a lot of fun and a lot of stress! Most of the activity involved water games, because it was our "fun" summer activity. I woke up that morning to the sound of rain and cool, windy weather. After praying for a miracle, I decided I needed to make a backup plan. I changed some of the games so they could be done inside with minimal water.

Can you believe there were 426 stars in this jar? The winning guess earned Alma C. the jar of star stickers, the big glow-in-the-dark star taped to the jar, and some sea creature capsules that expand in water.

For unknown reasons, maybe the weather, we had extremely poor turnout, both children and teachers. By the time the activity ended, we had 20 children, but it started out a lot smaller. We ended up throwing the schedule out the window and playing it by ear. We didn't end up doing all the planned activities, but we had fun.

We made trees...

...with these really cute leaves.

Aren't they cute?
Then we made shapes out of "clouds" and a bit of imagination.

For the "fish" activity, we told the Bible story of the fish and loaves miracle. The kids got chunks of bread and Swedish fish to eat.
We played Simon Says. If you moved when you were not supposed to, you got sprayed with water.

After a couple more games, we went outside to play water balloon toss. It was a little chaotic but at least it wasn't raining right then. We finished with lemonade and these cute watermelon popsicles. Then I rushed off to the airport to fly to CA for vacation! I'll blog about that separately.

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Amy said...

Aha - now I know why we didn't see you at the ward activity. Hope the trip to CA was a blast. The boys had fun at the QA, too bad there weren't more kids to enjoy it.