Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday!

Nathan has to work today so I planned to hit Kohl's and be back in time to give him the car, since they open at 4am. I got up around 2:40. It was actually pretty warm this year....until it started raining. We had a 5% chance of rain but you know the weather forecasters are never right. It started raining at 3:20 and turned into hard rain after a bit. I was getting chilly by the time the doors opened b/c the rain had soaked through my fleece in a few places. Somehow I managed to stand next to all the smokers too.

There were some smart men out there, going from store to store selling hot chocolate, granola bars, and hand warmers. While the wives spend the money, the husbands make it, I like it!

So...I was pretty proud of myself until I checked out. I ran for the Kitchenaid mixer that I promised to pick up for my friend, grabbed one barely in time (they only had about 10 and I had to fight a crowd to grab one), snagged two fleece blankets ($4.99) and a handheld Uno game, and then gave up and rushed for the checkout line. I was in line to check out at 4:06. I had planned to buy other things but it was such a madhouse that I was afraid I might not get home in time if I didn't jump in line, plus my arms were running out of strength carrying around that mixer!

...and then I checked out and realized I'd grabbed the wrong mixer and the Uno game was with a bunch of games labeled 7.49 but actually cost 19.99. The mixer had looked right, it was the right price and the right bowl size, but less power and different design. When you're frantically grabbing and remembering what someone else wanted, I guess it's an easy mistake. Dang. After all that only half the things I got were what I wanted.

Home at 4:40. Jumped online and found that lo and behold, the RIGHT mixer was available online with free shipping. The ad said it was only available in store. I bought it and now my bank account is quite a bit poorer until I return one and get reimbursed for the other. (sigh)

Now I'm thinking maybe I should drop Nathan off at work after all and go hit Target for the other deals I might not ALL be sold out by the time I get there at 7, right?


mom of 2 wonderful brats said...

you are so much braver than I...I woke up at 8:15 ( 2 hours of sleeping in, thank you Krista) am hitting all my sites on the computer and then doing laundry all day, I will NOT be leaving the house...Hope you find all the deals you are looking for!

Amy said...

I send Adam off for our black Friday purchases on his way to work. Most of our shopping is done, so we didn't have a very long list. He was only partly successful. One of the ads was a misprint- NO FAIR, and the other place he wanted to hit wasn't where the phone book said it was. Oh well, it's only stuff and we have everything we need.

Jaime said...

Wow, you are such an adventurer I would be so irritated! Hooray for online shopping! It took me several tries to buy the Black Friday deals online at Walmart at 2 in the morning. Their server was probably VERY busy.

Michelle said...

I hope the shopping was a success. I had to work, as usual and I didn't schedule it off. Silly me. I will learn soon not to wait until last minute.

I don't have any presents yet and I am freaking out. Only 24 days to go.