Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas decorations!

I don't like decorating for Christmas this early, but if I don't do it now, it won't happen! It's so exciting to listen to Christmas music and have lots of wrapped presents and decorations! I'm so nostalgic...I know where I got almost every ornament and I just fell in love with Nathan all over again when I hung up the "First Christmas" ornaments.

Where it all began...1980.

Until such time as we get one of those door-wreath-hanger-thingies, I thought the hose hanger was a great spot for a wreath!

I took a lot of pictures trying to capture the flashing star, but couldn't time it right. It lights up. Use your imagination.

If you click it big, you'll see it says "New home - 2005"

Under the tree, looking straight up.

Yay! All done decorating!


Jaime said...

So fun for you! But hello where's all the credit for me? I got you half that stuff. ;)

Cherish said...

I figured I was building a warm glow in your heart by seeing that I use the things you gave me! Isn't that credit enough? ;)

Amy said...

My boys loved looking at your decorations. Zach said we should take a picture of our Christmas tree too. I love that your tree decorations have meaning. Most of our ornaments have meaning and we know where they came from or who made them. The matching tree decorations are nice, but our trees are more beautiful!

I am amazed that you have presents wrapped already. Guess I better pull out our wrapping paper too!

Evie said...

Dang, I got your message too late! How were the lights? I am so sorry we didn't get to go with you. Your decorations look great! Hope you have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON, and that we get to see you sometime during it!!

Michelle said...

Wow, you are braver than me. I always get started late. I just blogged about my b day(2 months ago) and thanksgiving today!

LOL. I still have to go get my plastic tree which I will do this weekend and get my lights as well.

Miss you something fierce. Oh, read my blog!


The Miller Family said...

I love your "Cherish the season" ornament! Very cute :o)

And you look so pretty in that picture when you were done decorating!

Adventure Mommy Susan said...

Cute decorating pictures!