Sunday, October 26, 2008

Female directions

I was driving to my sorta-sister's house tonight and realized the directions in my head are definitely female directions (landmarks, not street names and distances). They also show off my.... adorable character quirks. ;) So I thought you might find it amusing to jump inside my head for a minute.

Don't exit where you think you should.
Don't panic, it's okay.
Yeah, exit here even though it doesn't actually say it's the Main Street exit.
Oh yeah, I hate this offramp.
Is this right? Yep, there's the Lehi Roller Mill.
Ugh, I hate this slow traffic.
Is this right? Shouldn't I have hit the roundabout by now?
Oh yeah, there's the old buildings, I'm okay.
Oh! Roundabout! Okay, it's okay, just dive in..... NOW.
Ooh! Car don't come in at me!
Okay, out. Whew.
Is this right? I thought it was closer than this.
Oh! Stop sign! Turn right.
Yay, I made it on time. Wait, there are no other cars, am I going to be the weird early person?

And there you go.... what goes through my head when I'm driving alone. I've blocked comments. I feel no need to hear your thought on how weird I am. :P