Tuesday, October 28, 2008

6 Random Things

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Here we go with the random things:

1. I have a really hard time drinking tap water that is not cold, and can't stand most brands of bottled water.

2. When we go out to eat, I almost always view the menu online and choose my food beforehand.

3. Sometimes when I'm putting Burt's Bees hand salve on my winter-cracked hands, it smells so good that I can't resist tasting some. (Don't worry, the ingredients are all safe to ingest, I checked before I did it the first time.) I'm always disappointed that it doesn't taste as strong as it smells.

4. I adore deviled eggs. Fortunately my sisters also like them and I married a man who loves them. We're having them at our sisters' Christmas gathering. Yay!

5. When hanging out with Nathan's younger sisters, sometimes I get so crazy that their mom says I'm worse than them, even though I'm an adult.

6. I like my marshmallows best after they have been caught on fire and blown out twice. Sometimes I'll even eat the burned outside and catch the middle on fire again. It's not due to a lack of patience - I'll sometimes patiently brown them before shoving them in the middle of the flames. It's a flavor preference.

Now I tag: Carolin, Danna, Lindsey, Lisa, Michelle, and Malia.

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