Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day

No pictures... I never remembered to pull out the camera! I went to California for a long holiday weekend to decorate family graves with my grandma, an annual tradition for as long as I can remember. Here are the high points of the trip!

* Gouged a chunk of skin out of my finger, trying to pry a metal canister from the ground at the cemetery.

* Drank wheatgrass juice for the first time.

* Solved two metal brain-teaser puzzles! I'm horrible at these!

* TP'ed my brother-in-law Jacob's bedroom, with the help of Rachel and Rebekah (who are now 16!).

* Heard the heartbeat of Jaime's baby. I've never heard a baby's heartbeat before. Pretty cool.

* Ate my first strawberry of the season from my dad's garden, yum! Thanks, Dad!

* Played the piano at church in my old ward.... the pianist was gone for the holiday so they asked me to substitute in Relief Society. Sure is nice to have piano skills!

Umm, I think that's it. Thanks to everyone who fed and housed me, and loaded up my car with goodies to take home.


Jaime said...

Are you sure you want to thank all of us? You are the ultimate adventurer!

Danna said...

I wish I was close enough for a long weekend home!!! How fun! Don't forget pictures next time!! :)

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you had a fun time! I'm super excite for the baby shower tomorrow! See you then!