Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lisa's baby shower

My co-Primary-counselor, Lisa, is having her first baby (a girl) in July, so we threw her a baby shower today. It got moved to my house fairly last-minute (Thursday afternoon), so I had to rush around cleaning. Things were pretty messy since I had just gotten back from my trip and hadn't finished unpacking yet. Thankfully, Nathan helped!

For food, we had multiple salads, since it was kinda warm. Tara made yummy strawberry cupcakes. I had fun using wedding gifts that I had not yet used, specifically, a white eyelet tablecloth and a crystal platter. We had lots of fun. Here are some pictures!

Potato salad, fruit salad, two kinds of pasta salad, and "fluffy stuff" salad.

For the fruit salad, I cut out watermelon and cantaloupe hearts!

Tara did this fun game - The Price is Right. We had to guess how much each item cost. Lisa got everything at the end!

Of course I had to put a picture of my gift. A little onesie that says "love" and jeans that have hearts on them! I put them in a heart-decorated bag... how coordinated am I? :P

She got lots of girly stuff!

Now I have to go finish the laundry I didn't complete last night, tear down the crepe paper, and pull out the stuff I stashed in the bedroom. ;)


Jaime said...

you're amazing

Lisa said...

Thanks again so much for SUCH an AMAZING shower! That was so nice of you and Tara to do. I truly had a WAY fun time! And LOVED the food!