Saturday, September 15, 2007

Successes of the week!

I lost another pound!

I fit into size 8 jeans!

I finished reading Leviticus! (Too bad Numbers will be even harder to get through...) My goal is to finish the Bible in one year and the Book of Mormon in 6 months. I'm doing a lot better on the BoM.

(panicked realization, running upstairs to turn off the oven before the mint burns!!!)

I dried basil and lemon mint from my garden to mail to my MOM!

I survived the fake earthquake! We had an emergency preparedness event in our neighborhood starting at 5:00 last night. We were to participate as much as we were willing, the furthest extent being to camp outside and pretend there was no power/gas/stove, and check on our neighbors. I did not camp outside but participated otherwise. We finished with a breakfast in the church parking lot. Everyone brought food and we cooked on propane stoves. We had a DARE officer there and had a drawing for 72-hour-kit items, such as granola bars, bottled water, emergency blanket, etc.

That's my fabulous week, I'm most excited about the jeans. What successes have you had this week? :)


Danna said...

Pretty unproductive week here, sick kids and now a sick Mama. :(

SnapHappy said...

Lucky! I'm still in size 10 :)>

ginalm said...

I'm a bit laggerly in leaving a comment (I thought I'd checked your blog more recently--I was surprised to see the date on this was last weekend--where does the time go?). My success this week was making calzones with Liana as my helper.