Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hot pepper adventures!

I cut up relatively mild peppers this morning to put in rice. I've never had a problem before that I can remember... I washed my hands and thought I was done.

I got a drink and somehow rubbed the side of my mouth. It started burning. I accidentally touched my tongue to the side of my mouth. The burning starts turning into numbness. I run to the bathroom and start throwing water on my mouth. Finally the pain eases and I dry off my face, and accidentally touch my eye. I instantly realize what I've done and start flushing my eye with cold water (which I really dislike doing!) to no avail. In flushing my eye, my fingers touch my nose.

I panic and call Nathan at work to have him google how to get hot pepper juice from my eye, since the cold water is not helping. Since I can't throw water on my face while on my cell phone, I sink to the floor with my eyes squinted shut, my nose burning increasingly worse, and my mouth still tingling.

After Nathan confirmed that cold water was pretty much my only option, I went back to sloshing water and the pain eventually stopped. I spent the next couple hours making sure I didn't touch anything with my hands.

(Yes! You can laugh at me!)


Jaime said...

You're hilarious! Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

This too shall pass?????