Monday, March 5, 2007

My weekend

Well my sister told me I needed to write a new blog.... so here's what happened this weekend!

I realized how many kids are in Utah, after first going to D.I., which seems to be a Saturday family outing, and then to the library at the same time as the Dr. Seuss birthday celebration. I've never seen that library parking lot so packed before!

We went to the get-together after a baby blessing, and when we got there, I didn't know a soul there. We were sitting in the living room for about 5 minutes staring at a bunch of strangers, wondering if I'd written down the address correctly. They probably wondered who we were too... Thank goodness familiar faces showed up.

I made the most revolting cookies I've ever made. I was going to toss the entire batch straight off the cookie sheets, but Nathan kinda liked them, so I kept them. The house reeked until the next day. Thank heavens I'd also made a batch of yummy cookies.

I mopped with bleach. For some reason the cats react to the smell just like they react to catnip. They rubbed on the floor like crazy, biting the table legs, and actually started licking the floor at one point. I think I'll go back to mopping with vinegar!


Anonymous said...

Hey I've never seen this sight before but your blog as they call it looks great. I would have loved to see those cats. That is sooooooooo funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm not anonymous I'm mom!!!

LOL Love you!!!