Thursday, March 8, 2007

Grandma is sick... :(

My MIL called yesterday. Nathan's grandma is really sick. She was fine 2 weeks ago, going to Mass every day, driving herself around, living alone. Grandma called my MIL and told her she needed her. When she got to Grandma's house, Grandma wasn't wearing pants and said there were no pants in the house. She was really confused. So Grandma came back to Nathan's family's house. She fell in the middle of the night and split her chin open. She is having trouble remembering how to eat and perform basic daily functions.

Now she's in the hospital and they are running tests but can't find the problem. They haven't found evidence of a stroke yet, although they were supposed to run an MRI yesterday. Grandma's just so confused and can't sleep because she's scared.

Any prayers would be appreciated! This makes me so sad and I know it's such a burden on Nathan's mom, both physically (spending time at hospital) and emotionally.

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