Thursday, March 1, 2007

Changes at work?

Well today my supervisor announced he has big plans for change. He's so excited and hauled us all into his office one at a time today, to ask us a few questions. Questions like, which of your coworkers would you most prefer to work with on a project; if you had to choose between finance and membership questions all day long, which do you prefer. I'm a little scared about what he has in mind, but anything should help!

We're all pretty burned out. We're still short one person and things haven't slowed down since year-end. We've rolled out a new desktop image to all domestic units, which is a huge project. I personally feel I can't keep up with the workload every single day, but overtime isn't being approved.

Still, there are those moments that help me maintain my sanity. Like when I talk to a clerk who obviously has no clue what he's doing, but his gratefulness for my help and his desire to fulfill his calling just oozes through his voice.

Not the most interesting post, but thanks for listening!

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