Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snow is falling all around...

Well, now that I have finally remembered my username and password (good grief!), I am posting a new blog.

It snowed yesterday and today. I got to shovel last night and again this morning. Yesterday traffic was a nightmare in the morning. My bus came 10 minutes late - I'm at the beginning of the route. We stopped to pick up a wheelchair and the driver got too close to the curb and couldn't get out of the gutter. He had to go knock on a door and ask the person to move their car. A few minutes later, the man comes ambling out of his house (it's snowing quite steadily) in a plush white bathrobe! Everyone on the bus burst out laughing. The man literally skids to the other side of the street, and we keep trying to get out of the gutter. The man's tree basically pushed us back into the road.... poor tree.

An hour after I hopped on the bus, we're only in the next housing tract. The bus driver again managed to get us stuck in the gutter, this time about to hit a fire hydrant. He had to call for maintenance and encouraged us to find another option. Two people had already said, just let me off, I'm going back home, when we had been in our own housing tract for 30 minutes. Now, the wheelchair could not get off, because there was a rock blocking the lift. Everyone else climbed off, got on another bus which was close behind us, and headed for Trax (light rail).

I finally got to work.... 1 hour and 45 minutes later than usual.

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