Sunday, February 11, 2007

Goat milk and farm fresh eggs

So a couple weeks ago I decided to visit a farm near us and try some goat milk (very healthy, they say). Wouldn't you know, the store was on self-serve and I didn't have small change, so I got to try a myriad of things! Here's my feedback.

Goat milk, pasteurized - decent tasting.

Goat yogurt - not so yummy.

Free-range eggs - I can't taste the difference and look at the crazy colors! Browns, greens, and a few white ones.

Goat milk soap - actually really nice. It's the first time I've used bar soap for ages; it even works for shaving better than my shave gel.

Goat milk, raw - fabulous! I actually drank it straight and enjoyed it. I haven't drank just plain milk and enjoyed it since I was a kid and my mom bought us raw cow's milk. My theory is that I only like raw milk, whether it's cow or goat. Pasteurized/homogenized milk is pretty gross.

Nathan thinks I'm nuts, so any positive feedback would be appreciated!


Danna said...

Totally awsome Cherish! How fun, I have never had raw dairy, Dan's sister in PA swears by it. We have gone completly dairy free here, Fern is REALLY allergic, also no eggs, she's allergic to them too! I loved the eggs! The green ones come from the black and white chickens, funny hu!!! :) Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to say the least. I don't know about Goat's milk. Sounds gross. I will have to try it.

Nice party!! Too bad I live so far away because I so would have been there.