Friday, May 23, 2014


Everyone hikes to Ensign Peak.  I've never done it.  It's not a long hike, but it needed to happen.  It was short enough that I picked another nearby hike to do on the same night.  I wore my #teamjaime shirt since my sister had chemo the day before.  I huffed and puffed and appreciated my thigh muscles, which have greatly improved thanks to dancing.  There were pretty blue flowers (I failed to get a picture), plus some mystery bird that I'm voting was a pheasant.  My friend and I had fun joking around and enjoying a picnic after the second hike.  While eating dinner, I realized a tiny green caterpillar was inching its way across my leg.

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Rebecca H. Jamison said...

Love the pictures. I'm the same way. There are some hikes I really should have done but never did--like hike the Y when I went to BYU. Last year, I finally did Donut Falls. I hope your sister's chemo helps her. I need to remember to pray for her.