Friday, August 30, 2013

Looking back

It's almost time for the Utah State Fair.  Last year at the fair was when everything started unraveling.  I've had a lot of unpleasant memories in my head the last few days.

Nathan and I had talked a little about divorce several years before.  It wasn't right then.  I was in an unhealthy place.  I had a lot of anger.  We went through counseling at several periods during our marriage, and we went through counseling at that point as we tried to make it work.  I've grown a lot since then, including resolving my anger issues.

I know that I worked hard to make us work.  I know that walking away was the right choice for me, and that the time was right.  I know Heavenly Father was with me through those incredibly hard weeks of decision-making and final discussions.  I am so grateful for how much I have healed.  I know that I am a daughter of God and that I am of worth.

Favorite parts of the last week:
- Making foil dinners while camping and looking over to see my niece eating raw bacon.  Eww!
- Failing miserably at multiple rounds of a Wii racing game with my nephew until finally he told me he didn't think this game was made for me.
- Telling a friend that I kept forgetting we were in the 3rd quarter (at work this matters for budget reasons), and he said he'd remind me.  I walked into his bathroom later to find 3 quarters on the counter and laughed so hard.
- Listening to my mom tell me stories of her growing-up years.


Rebecca H. Jamison said...

You seem happier to me. I'm glad you got to visit family. I think Eric needs reminding with those quarters too. He got a call last night because the reports weren't in.

Amy said...

Ha - love the quarters. Speaking of - this is completely random - but I saw one on the sidewalk while riding bikes with the boys to school today and thought about stopping to get it, but realized some kid probably glued it there and I would look like an idiot and hold up everyone behind me. So I passed it up this morning!

Hope you can create new, fun memories of the state fair this year. So glad that you share so many things on your blog - I look forward to all your posts.