Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fitness update

My first 5K was an awesome experience.  I hadn't done a great job preparing for it what with the holidays and a skinned knee, but I pushed myself and was super proud.  I know I posted about it on FB but I don't think I did here.

I signed up for another 5K in March and a friend is going to do it with me.  My goal is to run the entire way and not take walking breaks.  I'm trying to build up to that but it's not going as well as I'd hoped.

I joined a gym because it's too cold and icy most of the time.  (Yes, I know people run in super cold weather.  I'm a wuss.)  I've been doing a pretty good job at going regularly and last Saturday it was warm enough to sneak in a short run outside.  The air quality was really bad though and my lungs weren't happy.  It was so much better than running on a treadmill though.

I haven't been doing good at healthy eating and my weight plateaued for a bit.  It finally started dropping again and hopefully it will keep it up for a few more pounds before it gets stuck again.  I have noticed changes in how things fit.  I can zip up a non-stretchy size 10 skirt all the way.  It's been awhile since I could wear that skirt.  My calves and ankles are skinnier.  I like how they look.  My thighs and stomach are getting strong muscles - just have to burn off the fat on top.  My arms are more toned too.  Little by little!


Amy said...

Way to go - keep it up - it's inspiring me.

Rebecca H. Jamison said...

Good job, Cherish. You would have to be crazy to run outside in this weather. It's way too icy. Plus the air's been awful. I hope your weight loss rubs off on me.

Jaime said...

I am so proud of you!!!