Sunday, July 1, 2012

A date / coat-racking

I've had these sandals around 10 years.  They finally split clean in half.  It was very sad.  My work sandals had some worn spots so I downgraded them to everyday sandals and Nathan helped me find new sandals.  I felt bad taking him shoe shopping but we were on a little date and I didn't take long.

Nathan wants to change up his dungeon a little.  Somehow I've overcome his dislike of paint/color in our house and he even wants to paint.  He wanted beanbag chairs.  I told him about Love Sacs.  We went to yard sales on our date.  We found a big Love Sac.  It was in good shape.  I've wanted one for a long time but they are expensive.  This was the right price.  The owner was convinced it could squish into our car.  We ran to the bank for $ and then tried stuffing it in - not possible.  

Another sale patron pulled up next to us and asked how far we were going.  We threw the Sac in their truck and they followed us home.  Someone asked me later if I worried these strangers would just drive off with it... No, actually I just felt bad that we were inconveniencing a stranger.  When we got home I ran inside and got them a jar of jalapeno jelly.  

We went out to lunch.  Nathan wanted to try a new restaurant.  I have had sushi once before and it was okay but I wasn't a fan.  I agreed to try it again.  The glasses had a cool design.

His bento box was cute.

I ended up really liking the sushi.  I couldn't figure out why I liked it now and not a few years ago.  My friend thinks it's because it wasn't really fresh the other time.  Next time Nathan goes out for sushi, I'm going.  :-)

We finished the date with a car wash.  It was fun.

Can't forget the coat-racking!  This happened at some other point during the month.  This coat rack has been floating around our neighborhood.  It shows up in the middle of the night.  You get to take something off and add something you don't want, and you get to keep the package of Whoppers.  You put it out the next night and it mysteriously moves along to a new house.  We pulled off a pair of sweats and added some clothes plus I found a way to hang a jar of applesauce from the coat rack.  I left another jar of..something that I forget...with a note that it was for the crazy coat rack people that delivered it.  It's super fun to drive through the neighborhood and see it randomly on people's porches.


Amy said...

Congrats on getting coat racked! We love looking for it in the neighborhood. The boys are still trying to guess who is doing it.

The love sac looks great - what a great garage sale treasure!

Lena said...

Oh, this coat rack almost made Hubby wet his pants when he opened the door late at night to take a garbage out...Looks like you had a fun date!!

Jaime said...

Oh my gosh! That coat rack idea is hilarious and wonderful! And I love that you got new sandals. :) and that Nathan has overcome his paint aversion.