Monday, July 2, 2012

Chalk art festival #2

Remember Nathan's one-day-Mohawk?  It was the day we met friends at a chalk art festival that my friend recommended.  The outing was pretty much a failure.  It started out fine but later than intended in order to match other people's schedules.

It was a hot day.  It was incredibly crowded - not my cup of tea.  I figured we shouldn't wander around until our friends got there, so we could wander together.  We hung out in the air-conditioned bookstore.  Waiting.  Megan and her son got there, but Clin and fam weren't anywhere close.  More waiting.  Finally gave up on Clin and went out to the book festival that was also going on.  

Clin showed up, everyone said hi, but then we couldn't agree on what to do.  I thought Nathan and I were spaced in between to avoid losing Clin while Megan caught up, but we lost Clin.  We walked around with Megan trying to let her son play games / win prizes, while I searched desperately for Clin.  We were walking against traffic to look at the chalk art, and I wasn't even really looking because I was trying to not lose Megan or Nathan in the crowd and find Clin at the same time.  Took one whole picture.

Finally found Clin and company.  They had circled the other way and had now viewed everything that Megan and I were ready to see.  They were ready to leave.  Now Nathan was hot and bored with following around Megan and watching her kid play games.  We ended up leaving after a few minutes too, and I felt horrible for not even walking around with Clin after we invited them.  And I felt bad for not being able to talk to Megan because it was so loud and crowded.  Oh, and I felt bad for not being able to leisurely wander by chalk art with Nathan.  

I felt a little better after getting lots of ice water at my work, where we had parked for free.  Then we bought a philly cheesesteak pizza for Nathan (his first Father's Day gift), dropped him at home, and I went and bought more gifts for him.  He is now the proud owner of a cordless razor and a deluxe BBQ scraper (both of which he's wanted but I was waiting for Father's Day sales).  By now he's consumed his dark chocolate truffles.  :-)

Anyway.  Long story.  I tried to please too many people at once and failed.  Nathan got fun presents.  I'm never going to the Gateway Chalk Art Festival again.  The end.


Amy said...

Sorry to hear that it wasn't a good experience. We had fun, but it was only me and the kids and I was in control of how long we stayed. The art wasn't as good this year, so you didn't miss too much as far as that goes.

Jaime said...

Oh my gosh. Inviting people is such a mixed bag. People are amazing artists! Do it again, but without guests that have different agendas.