Saturday, May 19, 2012

May adventures

Nathan somehow managed to survive the last few weeks of the semester and even got As!  Right after school ended, he went to the midnight release of The Avengers with friends, then flew to CA.  While he was there, he saw Avengers two more times.  He got to be there for his brother's 30th birthday, a friend's baby blessing, a wedding for a friend (like family), and Mother's Day.  I was a little jealous that he got to attend the wedding at the temple where we got married, since we haven't been back since we got married almost 9 years ago.  We couldn't both afford to go though.

While he was gone, I drove to work every day (ahh, the small luxuries), did a little shopping, painted, had girls' night (twice), saw a play (South Pacific), and discovered why it's a dumb idea to take down and re-hang doors alone.

 (trying out porch rockers under a shelf)

(loved the Old Navy dressing room)

(finished painting the bathroom)

(finally painted our bedroom door the way I wanted, and then convinced Nathan to like it)

(tried cactus pear and starfruit for girls' night with Sarah)


Adam said...

I've been wanting to try some starfruit ever since we got rambutan from Harmons, but I can't remember whether I like it. When we first moved to Singapore, we stayed in a five star hotel (courtesy of DuPont) and they had starfruit in our daily fruit baskets. It is a really pretty fruit. Did you like it? Josh told me just yesterday that he wants some more spiky fruit - rambutan. Maybe he'll want to try some starfruit too.

Looks like a good May so far for the two of you. Congrats on all the work you got done and on Nathan's grades. Yeah!

Adam said...

It's actually Amy commenting. I didn't realize I was logged in on Adam's account.

Jaime said...

Love the bride's hair! Nathan's grades rock!! So happy you had girls night twice!!

cheryl said...

Did you like the cactus pear and starfruit? I've seen both at the market, and actually picked them both up and considered it.. But then bought tangerines or apricots or blueberries or something else safe, instead!