Monday, May 21, 2012

Chalk art festival

I heard about a chalk art festival in a city near us.  Since it was free and I wanted to run away, Nathan and I went.  It was cooler than I expected.  Unfortunately it had rained during the first couple days and as you'll see in the second picture, some drawings were washed out.  It was in an old town area - very fun to amble along for a few blocks, watching people draw, trying to identify various themes.  I should have brought the camera but at least I had my phone, with the battery almost dead.

(The Monopoly one has local businesses, etc. - fun little spin) 


Jaime said...

Wow, that's so Mary Poppins! Love the monopoly.

Amy said...

Where was this?

We love chalk art festivals. In fact, the Foster Care one at the Gateway is coming up in June and we've already marked the calendar.