Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday night adventure

I bought advance tickets to a play showing last night, which isn't something we do very often.  Then I got a cold and Nathan had a skin cancer spot removed and it didn't go as smoothly as anticipated.  I really needed a little fun and I decided to stock my pockets with cough drops and grab a friend.  I left another friend at home to watch over Nathan, who was hopped up on pain meds.


The play was called Noises Off.  It's a comedy about what goes on behind the scenes of a play.  CenterPoint Legacy Theater got special permission to alter the play to clean it up a little, which was nice.  I hear it's normally filled with language and innuendo.

Right after we sat down, I opened my bottled water and it exploded like a soda.  Cold water landed on me, my friend, and the two people in front of us.  The play itself was hilarious.  We laughed and laughed.  Then we stuck around for the improv show, because we wanted to laugh some more.  The improv show wasn't as good as last time we went, but at least it was clean humor and cheap.

After the improv, we got a tour of the tech booth, the set, and backstage.  It was really interesting.  I never realized all that goes into a good play.  After seeing all of the fancy equipment and work that's involved, I could understand why tickets cost so much.  "So much" being relative...I'm a cheapskate.

The play talked a lot about sardines, and we each got a little rubber sardine as a souvenir before being escorted through a dark theater and out the only door that was still unlocked.  The sardine is cute.  It fits on my finger and the floppy tail drives the cats nuts.

We didn't get home until around 1AM.  I felt decent the entire night even though I was sick, but my cold got worse today.  Totally worth it!


Danna said...

How fun! I use to work in the booth doing lights, fun stuff! I hope Nathan is doing ok!

Amy said...

A rubber sardine - that's hilarious. Thanks for the picture - I couldn't quite picture it. Hope you are all feeling better - have a lazy Sunday in your jammies - that always helps us feel better :)

Jaime said...

I'm so happy you went!!