Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eggnog pie

I had originally thought of making buttermilk pie for our upcoming holiday dinner, but then I found a variation - eggnog pie!  My friend Rachel loves eggnog pie.  Then I learned she couldn't come to our scheduled dinner, so I decided to make it her early gift.

Nathan was really dubious about eggnog pie and I'd found this fun idea to do mini pies - perfect way to try it!  I used custard cups instead of the suggested muffin tins.  I pressed the crust into the glass cups instead of rolling it out and cutting circles.

They turned out really cute and came out of the dishes easily.

Even though I only made 3/4 of the recipe, I still had enough to fill four mini crusts and two crust-less cups.  We enjoyed the crust-less pies and agreed this was a make-again. 

Here's the eggnog pie recipe.  I added a dash of nutmeg and three dashes of cinnamon.

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Golda said...

Yum! My husband LOVES eggnog pie so he'd probably be really into this. Maybe I'll have to make it for him sometime.