Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We decided to mostly skip Halloween this year, because I was feeling cheap and I'm really not into Halloween anyway. I'm married so I'm not planning a cute costume to attract guys, and it's a holiday that really reminds me that I have no kids. That being said, our friend's 80s band was playing the Saturday night before Halloween, and I had been wanting to support them. That made an 80s costume the logical choice.

I had originally planned to find a hideous hot pink dress with a bow over the butt at the thrift store, but as you know I was just a bit busy canning. By the time we made it to the store, it was Friday night and everything crazy was gone. I found an orange tube top and a bright skirt that was a couple sizes too big, and figured out what I could pair it with. Then I went to Target and bought big hoop earrings (since they're back in style) and a few pairs of socks to scrunch down.

I washed and braided my hair Saturday morning. Nathan helped braid so we could finish before my hair dried. Unfortunately I had to go to the store AND a baby shower that day....I got some funny looks. It was nice and big once I unbraided it though, and amazingly I still had a scrunchie sitting around that I hadn't used in a long time.

With every bracelet I own and my bright yellow tights, I deemed this an acceptable costume, especially since I really just don't care. We went to a church party and then the performance, which would have been more fun if I'd known more people there. I was dying to dance but didn't want to dance with weird strangers. Nathan had borrowed video equipment from school (he's taking a video editing class) in order to record the band. They were really appreciative of this and it meant we got in for free, because we were with the band.

Nathan shaved his mustache, bought a straw hat, and went as an Amish man.

Oh, and for the church party I made these cute owl desserts. Didn't remember to take a picture before they were consumed. I couldn't find candy melts so I just whipped up a tiny batch of yellow frosting.


Jaime said...

Love the costume, totally awesome fer sure!

Rebecca H. Jamison said...

You looked so cute. I'm pretty sure we didn't wear yellow tights in the eighties--oh wait, we did. Uggh.

NieleGirl said...

You guys are too cute! Love Nate's costume! HILARIOUS! :)