Monday, October 17, 2011

Quick update

Too tired and busy to do anything besides update the canning tally on the sidebar! Right now I'm trying to stay awake until a load of laundry finishes.

So far we've picked free apples from five different homes. A mix of varieties, but most of them containing worms, so they take time to cut up. One day when they're finished, I'll share yummy ways I've preserved them.

While picking apples, we've also managed to score Concord grapes, walnuts, pears, and Asian pears.

I've identified trees at work as crabapple, talked to the city and my employer for permission, and plan to pick those to make crabapple jelly.

We've been blessed by generous people. Details to come.

I made my arm pretty mad. It's doing better today and hopefully I'll be up to canning again by tomorrow. Combination of all this canning/picking throwing me out of alignment and causing achy arms, tennis elbow from turning the crank on the strainer and cutting up wormy apples, and sore muscles from the aforementioned crank. I woke up Saturday night in horrid pain and had to take Advil to dull the pain to a manageable level.


Amelia said...

Don't hurt yourself! I was going to let you know that our crabapple tree in our front yard has a bunch of big green crabapples on it and they are yours if you want them. There isn't a ton, but I will even pick them for you if you want them, let me know!

Danna said...

There are crabapple trees ALL OVER THIS CITY!! We have picked a ton and processed a bunch. There are more and the kids keep pointing them out but I am DONE with the crabapples!!! ;)

Amy said...

The most pain from canning I've had is a few minor burns and a sore body. But then again, I don't can near as much as you do. When you are all done - you need to update with a post of your full pantry! I bet it's beautiful.

Jaime said...

I have never sacrificed my body for any sort of food, unless you count losing sleep in a Chickfila parking lot. :)