Monday, October 10, 2011

More cheap jars!

It's ironic really that I'm buying jars, because my mom and grandma both have some to give me next time I visit. But canning season is NOW and I'm blowing through jars like crazy this year.

I scouted the internet again for garage sales that advertised jars, and last Saturday I headed out to be the first one at a sale. The jars were too expensive, so I asked if they'd give me a discount if I took all of the pints and quarts. They agreed, but it still wasn't a great price. At least these jars were perfectly clean and wouldn't require a good soaking.

But here's where things got good...

They had 8 boxes of lids at 10 cents each. I normally spend 14 to 20 cents per lid, depending if it's wide or narrow mouth. The seller said they were about 5 years old (and I've since discovered they seal beautifully), so I wasn't too worried about the quality.

I spent $18.80 for 39 jars and approximately $14.40 worth of lids.

It got better... On the way home, I called a friend who needed more pint jars to can salsa. (I'm so proud, I inspired her to try canning this year and she's doing it on her own now!) She took 12 jars and insisted on paying me $5.00.

So ultimately I spent $13.80 for $14.40+ worth of lids and 27 jars....they basically paid me to take those jars. Love it!

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Jaime said...

You're a professional!! Now take a nap! ;)