Saturday, June 25, 2011

Canning season has begun!

What a great day! It really didn't start well - this week exhausted me to the point of being weak and shaky this morning - but I ended up accomplishing a few good things.

I went to the thrift store in search of more dishes for freezer meals. I scored a metal pan, a Pyrex 8x8, and a Pyrex medium sized bowl. Total - $4.50. :-)

When I got home from my errands, I found friends at our house. They decided to go for sushi with Nathan. While they were gone, I made our friend Seth the dairy-free peanut butter cookies I'd promised him, for him to pick up when they returned. Since the oven was already hot, I figured I should use up the apples that Nathan wasn't eating. I threw together an apple crisp without a recipe and it turned out to be super yummy.

Then it was time to put up the rhubarb from the garden. I used the same jello-flavored jam recipe I always use. This time I used blackberry and raspberry jello. I canned 5 tasty pints. And thus canning season commenced. Pop, pop, pop!

On Monday we had that huge food event at work. No one wanted onions on their sandwiches, so I brought home the leftover onions and froze 4 gallon bags of onions. On Friday, I brought home the leftover tomatoes. I made a salad tonight to help use them. Lettuce, tomato, boiled eggs, tuna, homemade garlic-ranch dressing, and parmesan cheese.

Love all the yummy herbs! I didn't bother to follow a recipe but it still turned out really flavorful.

What a great way to end a summer day. Barefoot in the garden, picking strawberries, holding up the hem of my ancient denim jumper to act as a basket.


Jaime said...

You're so food blessed! And so industrious!! Happy days.

The McNeil Family said...

Wow!! You are amazing! I wish I knew how to just throw things together and that they all come out tasting fabulous! Maybe you could email me your apple crisp recipe:) or any other recipes you would like:)

Amy said...

Wow - strawberries already? I have a few blossoms in my garden - but nothing besides the lettuce and onions are ready.

Danna said...

Take care of yourself Cherish!!! Love you!

Golda said...

Nice finds at the thrift store! I love shopping at them for good, cheap kitchen supplies. Your jam sounds so delicious!