Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shampoo & deodorant update

Still in debate over whether or not homemade deodorant #2 works. It worked great for about 3 days, even when getting warm, and then my 99 cent spray bottle broke. I tried dabbing on the deodorant with a piece of TP (out of cotton balls) and I started getting stinky pits. I'm back to my toxin-filled deodorant until I pick up a new spray bottle. Maybe the deodorant doesn't work. Maybe I'm just not putting on enough with the TP.

As for the non-shampoo, my hair has adjusted quite nicely. I haven't combed my hair in years because combing hurt too much. I can either comb or brush my hair now and hardly ever get a tangle. I can go as long as 4-5 days without washing, depending on how often I run my hands through my hair. My hair feels fantastically silky most of the time and never has static.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a slimy thing floating in my jar of diluted apple cider vinegar aka conditioner. I was disgusted and threw it out. The next time I washed my hair, I found another one. I switched to a new jar, thinking there was funky residue in the jar. New jar - new floating slimy thing.

After a lot of internet searching last night, I learned this is a GOOD thing. The slimy thing in ACV is called "the mother," kind of like the mother dough for sourdough. You aren't supposed to throw it out. Isn't that weird? In all the blogs I've read about using ACV as conditioner, no one ever mentioned that.

Anyway, I don't know that I'll ever switch back to commercial shampoo. We've been using the liquid castile soap in the soap dispenser for the bathroom sink and are pleased with it there too. No more sodium laureth sulfate!

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Jaime said...

You're amazing. I just bought the big thing of handsoap at Walmart and was quite pleased with it. It smelled good and that was my main criteria, haha!! I will let you know how you smell when you come in a month. :)