Saturday, May 14, 2011


My friend Rachel absolutely adores eggnog. She chugs it all holiday season. This year she learned she was pregnant before eggnog was available in the store, and her doctor forbid her to drink it. When she had the baby a couple of weeks ago, eggnog was no longer in the store.

I decided to make eggnog for her, for Mother's Day. I found a recipe, bought the ingredients, and followed instructions EXACTLY. (I know, very unusual for me.)

It was very time consuming. Definitely a labor of love.

It turned out just like it should - thick, creamy, and flavorful. I took her half and chugged the rest myself. (Nathan doesn't like eggnog but did sample a few sips.)

I'll be buying my eggnog in the future. $1.99 for a quart no longer seems expensive.

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Golda said...

My husband LOVES eggnog. He made it twice this past December (but in small quantities). It definitely is more expensive than the store bought stuff but so much better!