Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shampoo alternative

I keep trying to reduce chemicals in my life. My latest focus has been shampoo. I just haven't been up to trying the "no-poo" method, which basically uses apple cider vinegar and baking soda, partly because it has a rough period while your hair weans itself off its reliance on shampoo.

I decided to buy Dr. Bronner's castile soap, which is full of good things and devoid of bad things, and can be used for shampoo. It's often used as a transition to no-poo. I bought peppermint soap and peppermint conditioner, and citrus soap for other uses. Nathan really loves the smell of the citrus soap for hand washing. He says it smells like lemonade.

I didn't realize my hair would still have to adjust to the soap though, and I'm struggling! I usually wash my hair twice a week. It doesn't typically need it more than that. Now, I'm washing it every 1-2 days and trying slightly different techniques each time. More soap, no conditioner, etc.

My hair feels thicker than usual, which is really nice. It feels absolutely fantastic on the surface, but close to my scalp it seems to get greasy faster than usual. But when I brush my hair, suddenly it all feels pretty good again. I know your scalp is supposed to produce a healthy amount of oil once you aren't using harsh shampoo that strips all oil and dries out your hair. I think that's what is happening - my hair is producing oil that I then brush through, to fix the dried out portions below. My hair hasn't been static-filled, unusual for this time of year.

I'll keep you posted! I'm really hoping this works out.

I've also switched to using coconut oil instead of lotion. It smells yummy and I feel a lot better not slathering chemicals all over, especially after shaving my legs using the castile soap. Who wants to avoid chemicals only to use them a minute later? It's like putting sugar and whole wheat flour in the same recipe, in my opinion. Hehe.

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Golda said...

Haha, this is really funny because I told my husband a few weeks ago that I want to stop washing my hair! I haven't started the process yet, pretty much because I had a big bottle of shampoo that i had just bought so I figured I'd finish it first then start. I'm trying to wean my hair now to only washing it twice a week so it will produce less oils.