Monday, January 31, 2011

Squishy cats on a squishy comforter

Everyone seems to be sick this month, and we're no exception. We had a delightful week earlier this month where I had a cold and Nathan had the flu. We took turns caring for each other when we got a short burst of energy. We also took turns sleeping on the floor next to the sicko on the couch, and hauled out some twin-sized comforters my MIL gave us awhile back, for extra padding. They turned out to be delightfully squishy and the cats loved them too. The cats slept on them no matter where we had them, and if we had to move the comforter, the cat just moved along with it and didn't mind their nap being disrupted.

I finally got all of the blankets washed free of germs, but I had to take a few cute pictures first.

The cats don't sleep next to each other much anymore, but when the comforter is involved, they'll make the sacrifice.

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Jaime said...

I'm glad you're well again! And I adore lots of bedding!