Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sports cars, dip, and sickness

I still haven't finished my Christmas blogging, but I took a little break and flew down to SoCal for the weekend. My nephew was getting baptized and I wanted to be there to support my sister. My sister Janice picked me up at the airport and I had a blast with her family all day. I finally found a Wii game I'm good at - the preschooler version of Wii Fit, hahaha. Then I went car shopping with Janice and sat in a few sweet little numbers, including a Corvette! It was awesome!

I brought my camera and took absolutely no photos! The baptism was good and I got to catch up with a few people at the after-party while eating dip.

I spent Sunday with Jaime and had fun with them too, until I started getting sick that afternoon. Jaime dosed me with lemon and honey, but it didn't help. I spent half of Monday traveling home, what with driving to the airport, flying, then taking two buses and a train home from the airport. Nathan started school yesterday (yay!) so he wasn't available to pick up my sick self.

I'm so thankful for Jetblue (love flying with them!), the opportunity I had to work overtime to pay for this trip, and family!


Amy said...

What a fun little get-away. I'm wishing I could make a little overtime and get away to see family. This time of year really makes me ready to go anywhere!

Nathan's in school??? So awesome! Hope he loves it.

Jaime said...


Anne said...

If you are ever stuck like that again call us! I could probably pick you up. Glad you had a good time :)