Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas baking - breads

Mmmm, bread. I scheduled two nights on the calendar - quick bread night and yeast bread.

Remember I had searched out delightful quick breads to make? Well I had already tried the buttermilk-cinnamon, my lavender plant was buried in snow, it's not cantaloupe season, and I failed to buy cheese or eggnog. So it was between 3C bread (I DID remember to buy candied cherries and candied fruit) and PB bread. I choose 3C bread and it was very tasty.

This is my night of quick bread. Two loaves of 3C bread, 3 loaves of banana bread (pick any recipe, add nutmeg - very yum!), and a double batch of pumpkin bread. The pumpkin bread is the best ever. The recipe can be found here.
For yeast bread night, I made my basic whole wheat bread as gifts for my sister Jaime and my in-laws. I also tried Sugarplum Loaves. I'd been waiting for the holidays to try lots of holiday bread recipes and then I ran short on time and only tried this one.

It was good spread with butter. Not amazing enough to post the recipe.


Jaime said...

I loved my bread!!!! Thank you. Thank you very much.

Amy said...

Thanks for the Greek New Year bread. It's all gone and everyone enjoyed it. I'm trying to figure out what gave it that hint of sweetness - was there orange in it???