Friday, September 3, 2010

Quick breads I want to make

So busy with life and canning and I have other blog posts to write, but this is just a quick one while I'm on lunch.

Now that I've stocked my freezer with pumpkin and pear breads, I'm thinking maybe this year for Christmas goodies I should just make a variety of quick breads. Here are the recipes I found that I want to try.

3C bread
Lavender bread
Buttermilk cinnamon bread
Cantaloupe bread
Eggnog bread
Peanut Butter bread
Savory cheddar bread

Would you like any of these (or slices of each) for your plate of Christmas goodies?


Jaime said...

Some of those sound very weird! But I am a more traditional zucchini bread kind of girl!

The Miller Family said...

Yummmmm. I'll take some 3C, Lavender, and Buttermilk Cinnamon please. Muahahaha. I checked out the recipes and those do sound really nummy though. I think that's a neat idea for Christmas treats...I may steal it in fact ;o) Making a bajillion types of cookies just isn't something I seem to have the time for...?

Amy said...

Peanut butter bread, Buttermilk cinnamon bread and savory cheddar bread all sound delicious.

And the pear bread is delicious too. It was a great trade! Thanks again.