Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pear bread

Last night I sorted through the pears and pulled out the ones that had to be used or had rotted. I decided to weigh the pears this year so I can have a better idea of how many we get. Last night - 17 lbs. So many had bad spots that I didn't get enough to can. I decided to make pear bread. My friend made it 1-2 years ago and really liked it. I found a recipe and adapted it to what I had on hand.

I substituted mashed pears for most of the oil, because I had a lot of pears and very little oil. I used part white/part wheat flour, almond extract, and shorted the spices (sadly). I normally have a very heavy hand with spices but I was almost out. Nathan and Sarah said it's tasty but next time should definitely be spicier. It looks pretty though! I froze 4 loaves.
I'm now out of:
Almond extract

And almost out of:

That's a tragedy in this house. Nathan even offered to donate some of his fun money to the grocery budget so I could restock, since most of his snacks depend on me baking yummy things.


Amanda said...

The pear bread looks great! You better stock up your spices girl, autumn is almost here and you'll need them! :) Thanks for trying my recipe, so glad you liked it!

Jaime said...

Hahahah!! That's so funny!! I can't believe he'd donate some money. And I can't believe you're out of that stuff!! it looks good!!

Danna said...

I love how you always say something like, "I adapted to what I have on hand"! :) It always makes it way more intresting than just a plain old recipe post! :) Love ya!

Amy said...

I have lots of vanilla - you should swing by and refill your bottle - remember I bought the gallon from the Honeyville order. I will just have to pull it out from under the bed food storage.