Sunday, November 28, 2010

Simplifying Christmas

I love Christmas but gosh it's such a busy time of year! We've already cut back our gift list over the last few years and do more name drawing exchanges.

Here are some of the ways I'm simplifying this year:

I bought cheap ziploc bags for giving cookies. We don't usually have these and it takes so much time to wrap up plates of goodies. These won't be as cute, but the cookies will taste the same.

I bought parchment paper. I've never bought this before and it seems rather wasteful, but for baking mass amounts of cookies, it should be a great help! Well worth the ~$3.

I planned my cookies weeks ago and made a list of the quantities of special ingredients I would need. No unpleasant surprises when starting a new recipe.

As fun as it is, I'm not coordinating a cookie exchange this year. While I am eating sugar again, I don't want to eat THAT much. It takes me a lot of time to coordinate it and bake and package individual plates, plus the emotional energy in smoothing things over when people have conflicting ideas or someone skimps on the cookies they committed to bake.

I'm buying my stocking stuffers from the Winco bulk foods section. I usually hit up the dollar store, but I get suckered into buying more than I planned, and my options are usually only sugar-filled. At Winco, I can get small amounts of dried fruits to please the family members who are trying to eat better. I think I'll actually save money by doing this and I'll feel better about it.

What are you doing this year to simplify your Christmas?


Golda said...

We're simplifying it by not going anywhere this year - although that is mostly because we are no longer driving distance to any of our family. We're planning a low key Christmas here at our new home.

Amy said...

We did a name exchange too with simple homemade gifts. [the making of the gifts doesn't necessarily simplify - it's more work - but definitely cheaper and more meaningful]

We are only going to do fudge for neighbors and I've been stocking up on after valentines and st patricks day plates. (red and greeen)

I don't have to plan any parties, just attend a few!

Thanks again for the yummy bread. You are awesome!