Thursday, September 23, 2010

Surprise - we bought a car!

This post could also be titled, "How our savings account practically disappeared in one day."

Our 1991 Honda Civic has served us well but it's in need of a number of repairs and isn't a spring chicken anymore. I've been praying for months that it would last as long as it needed to, while our savings account grew interest, and I felt prompted a few weeks ago that we needed to buy a new car NOW. I started praying that we could find a good car and we finally saw an ad for a 2005 Honda Accord that looked great and the price was well under Kelly Blue Book value. We checked it out and prayed and felt good about it, so we got it!

We were able to pay cash and it's the newest car I've ever owned. I think the youngest car I've had before was 8 years old. This car has 84,000 miles and only one previous owner. It's so fancy that I'm nervous to even have it in our driveway! Cruise control, A/C, a seat that adjusts so we can both comfortably drive it, what luxuries! It's black and sparkles blue in the sunlight.

What a Cheshire cat grin...he's been dying for a newer car.
It's the first car we've ever bought together. I love celebrating "firsts" together.

We tried to tell my MIL (who is visiting) that we just got a new paint job on our old car, since she never sees our car, but she didn't fall for it. :P


The Miller Family said...

It is beautiful! Way to go!

You should send in your story to Money Saving Mom (ever read her blog? it has fabulous deals and coupons and such.)! She does a series called "We Paid Cash!" It's one of my favs.

Amy Snell said...

Congrats on the NEW {to you guys} CAR!! She's a beauty!! Its so nice to be able to pay cash for things like this :)

The Thomas Family said...

Wish you would have come to see me @ LHM Honda!!! I like to think I can get anyone a great deal without the hassle!!!!

The Thomas Family said...

But CONGRATS, nonetheless!!!!! New cars are ALWAYS fun!

The McNeil Family said...

Love the new car. It looks fancy!

Amy said...

I was thinking that you might be getting a new car when you mentioned a major purchase. Congratulations - and the best thing - no car payment!

We have an Accord and love it, though it is a 94 and not looking so great anymore. We are going to drive it til we can't anymore while we save to hopefully pay cash for the next one. It also doesn't have functioning A/C - ask Nathan about it, but it still runs.

Jaime said...

Holy mother of pearl!!! That thing is awesome!!!