Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pill popper!

I hate swallowing pills. When I was a kid and got sick, my mom would open up capsules so I didn't have to swallow them. She would mix goldenseal or Vitamin A with yogurt, but she didn't want to waste the delightful oil that dripped on her fingers from the Vitamin A "footballs," so I'd have to lick it off her fingers. Goldenseal mixed with yogurt is horrible.

I've gotten better in the last year or so, but I still struggle to swallow pills. I make Nathan be absolutely silent as I try to swallow a pill with some sort of food. It's mostly a mental thing, because I've gagged up pills often enough that I worry about it happening again.

When my mom was pregnant with me, she was very, very poor. She couldn't afford prenatal visits, but she'd been pregnant before so she knew she was pregnant and she knew how to take care of herself. She absolutely despised liver, but one day someone from church brought her a fresh liver, because they raised animals. My mom knew she needed the nutrition from the liver, so she went to her mom and asked for help in preparing it in the tastiest way possible. I've always been touched that my mom ate liver for me. I know that was a huge sacrifice.

Future baby of mine, I'm popping pills for you! I went to an acupuncturist / traditional Chinese medicine practitioner yesterday, and I'm now taking a total of 27 pills a day, and that may increase. Now, 24 of them are tiny little balls, but I still struggle to swallow 2 at a time with food. Better than doing fertility medication injections, true, but still....27 pills a day? This is going to be a long month.


Danna said...

:) :) :) !!!

Jaime said...

Holy mother of pearl!!! 27 pills a day!!!

~Jenn said...

Wow! 27 pills is a lot to swallow! Have you tried using a straw in your drink to get pills down easier? It's how I taught my kids to swallow pills. Happy pregnancy!