Monday, August 16, 2010

Freezer cooking, part 2

I've realized it really doesn't make sense for me to stick with the same grocery budget every month. I should go with a quarterly or annual budget, because I buy things in bulk and on sale. Even so, I feel bad about how much I've spent this month....but now I can eat off my shelves and out of the freezer for awhile and not buy much.

I bought ground beef and cheese on sale on Saturday and already started cooking. I'll do pictures, recipes, and an update once it's all done, but here's the plan so far.

Pizza roll-ups - Saturday (done already and SO good)
Sloppy joe filling - Monday
Meatballs - Monday
Lasagna - Tuesday
Beefy cornbread muffins - Tuesday
Cooked ground beef - Tuesday
Beef broth -Tuesday
Baked meatball casserole - Wednesday

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Jaime said...'re hired. Come cook for me!!