Saturday, July 17, 2010

Seven-grain cereal bread

For the millionth time, I love Winco's bulk food section. I was able to pick up the amount of 7-grain cereal I needed for this bread, and it was so cheap. This recipe basically started with yummy porridge. You cooked the cereal, then added honey, salt, and butter, before mixing together the dough. I sneaked a bite of the cereal and it was good. Maybe I should try eating 7-grain cereal outside of bread.

I made three loaves of the Seven-Grain Cereal Bread on Wednesday morning, and kept one. I made up egg salad and chicken salad sandwich fillings and by Thursday afternoon, the loaf was gone. We both ate several sandwiches, and this was great sandwich bread. It's a make-again recipe!

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Danna said...

Bread from porrage? We love the cracked 9 grain cereal from Walton Feed! :)