Saturday, July 24, 2010

Low points of the day

Not feeling as optimistic today....

- Nathan and our plumber friend, Clin, dug up the ground to find and fix a leak. They broke another pipe in the process. No stores are open today that have the parts to fix it. The water's been off for hours. Fortunately they found a workaround so they can at least turn on the water.

- Pulled out a water storage jug, thank goodness for our recent efforts at emergency preparedness. The spigot they sold me doesn't fit. Managed to splash water all over myself in trying to wash my hands.

- Borrowed a drill to work on another project. Drilled all my holes. Then realized some of them are in the wrong spot.

- Made oatmeal bread to make the freezer french toast sticks. Ended up using a loaf to make toasted cheese sandwiches to feed the hungry workers. Except they drove all over the valley trying to find the right parts, and their food was cold by the time they got home to eat it.

I think it really comes down to attitude. I'm grateful that we have a plumber friend who offered to help, saving us the cost of labor. I'm grateful we have water stored now, since we didn't just a few months ago. I'm grateful for the opportunity to test how I'd live without water, and learn NOW that I need a new spigot. I'm grateful to learn new things in using a drill and building something, and that Clin didn't mock me when I couldn't remember how to switch drill bits. My oatmeal bread turned out FANTASTIC, beautiful as can be. I'm so glad I made it, so I could easily whip up lunch. And now I'm glad I started this post to vent, because I feel better than I did when I started.


Danna said...

(((HUGS)))) :)

Amy said...

What a trying day! Sorry to hear about the whole pipe/water issue. And the awful thing is it's a weekend - thank goodness they were able to find a way to turn the water back on.

Thanks for ending your post on a grateful note - it reminds us all how blessed we are.

Jaime said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am so freaked out about not having running water. Good for you for finding the positive!