Thursday, July 15, 2010

Add to my list of want-to-try: Bran flakes!

This morning I ate some yummy cereal we bought on a fantastic sale almost a year ago, but even then, it's still expensive and full of ingredients I don't necessarily like.

- Corn syrup
- Caramel color
- Preservatives

I know how to make granola but fancier cereal seems kinda impossible. I don't know why I'm so intimidated though. I think people in general have become somewhat inept or lacking in confidence in the kitchen, because we've become so reliant on buying things that were once made at home. This cereal is basically bran flakes, granola, dried apples, pecans, and sweetening. I googled 'how to make bran flakes' and found several very easy sounding recipes.

How can you not love a site filled only with breakfast recipes?

Or this recipe that uses molasses?

Anyway, just one more thing I want to try making in my spare time. Spare time....what's that. (sigh) I know life will slow down again but it's busy right now!


Amy Snell said...

Ok...I tried to vote and say yes I would try and make my own cereal but it wouldnt let me!!

I seriously wish we were are so creative in the kitchen and I love it!! That cereal looks delicious too...I hope you are able to make something similar :) For a TON cheaper I'm sure when you do!!

Amy said...

Sounds very yummy. I have been enjoying the baked oatmeal with berries from my favorite cooking blog. But there is something to be said about just grabbing a box and some milk. I hardly ever cook breakfast (except at dinner time). All we ever eat is cold cereal.

By the way, thanks for the info about Kennecott Copper. I didn't know about that.

Jaime said...

Make your own bran flakes. Incredible.