Sunday, April 11, 2010

More fun Winco purchases!

I went to Winco yesterday and purchased many of the non-standard ingredients I need for bread recipes.

Wheat germ
Wheat bran
Scotch oats
Sesame seed
Pumpkin seed

They didn't have aniseed or fennel, so I came home and learned I should be able to find those in an Indian grocery store. Now I just have to find one. They also didn't have mace or saffron, but I needed so little that I'll just substitute. I will also need dates, prunes, and more poppy seed, but I'll get those on another trip. I got cream during the Easter sales, and I'll freeze it until I need it.

I'm excited to make some of the recipes that were off limits before, due to a lack of ingredients. Did I mention that I counted the recipes and realized that if I make two a week, I'll still be at this for another year? Ugh.

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Amy said...

I just went to Winco for the 2nd time last week and actually looked at the bulk food items. I was too overwhelmed my first time there. The bulk food section is amazing. It's reasonably priced and you can buy only what you need. Also, the selection is mind boggling. I'm actually surprised they didn't have everything you needed.