Tuesday, November 3, 2009

10 Random Things

My sister Jaime tagged me, so here are 10 random things about me.

1. I'm an emotional eater. I like to eat when I'm sad.

2. Routine household chores also hold a lot of comfort for me. Baking makes me feel that all is right in the world. Each time I've moved, I haven't felt at home until I've baked some cookies in my new oven. Washing dishes is a constant requirement in life, so I have been known to wash dishes while bawling hysterically, just to feel that life is normal.

3. I change my Windows desktop background, fonts, and colors fairly often. I hate sharing a computer with Nathan, because he leaves the same background picture up for 1-2 years.

4. I am part of a complicated family tree. I have no full siblings, but if you count all the half and step siblings, I have 21 siblings. My sorta sister Becky actually has more than me, though!

5. I don't like Harry Potter books or movies. It's not that I morally object to them. I've read parts of a couple books (when bored) and watched two full movies and parts of others (not by choice). I just have no interest.

6. I will wear my ancient denim jumper around the house until the end of time. It's full of holes and stains and not stylish at all, but it's so comfortable for gardening, cleaning, canning, etc.

7. Nathan and I roast chestnuts over an open fire every year for Christmas. I like to do it on Christmas Eve, but I usually fall asleep completely exhausted before the fire dies down to ashes. Sometimes I eat freshly roasted chestnuts and stocking candy for Christmas morning breakfast.

8. I love Hondas. My little Honda is a 1991 and still going strong. I got in a car accident right before getting married and the insurance company deemed it a total loss. My dad opted to fix it, since it had a strong engine with low miles. I firmly believe that cars will run great if you believe in them and treat them well. I give my car a loving pat every time I've forced it to accelerate up to freeway speed on an uphill onramp, as soon as it finishes shifting back to a happy gear. Nathan thinks I'm nuts and that's okay.

9. I don't like jumping on trampolines with other people. They always want to bounce you too high or suddenly jump next to you and it scares me. If I happen to be on a trampoline and someone else comes to climb on, I scramble off as fast as I possibly can.

10. I have issues with people staring into my windows after dark. I love to open blinds/curtains during the day to let in light and lift my spirits, but I rush to close them when the sun starts setting. I get upset when I realize we left any blinds open after dark.

Oops, almost forgot to tag people. I'm tagging Lindsey and Joelle.


Anonymous said...

I am an emotional eater too!
thanks for the tag!

Jaime said...

I wonder what people do when they're upset if they don't eat? I'm totally making you jump on a trampoline with me in front of a window at night! HAHAHA

Michelle said...

You are not the only emotional eater.. WOW.

21 siblings??? I didn't realize you had this many including step siblings. That is interesting!