Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween decorations!

This year we decided to decorate the house for Valentine's Day...for Halloween. I even hit up Target on February 15th but there were no decorations left, so we had to make our own. The light wasn't quite right to capture the writing on the front door, especially since the window markers were dying. Also it's daylight so you can't see the red strobe light. Oh well. Check it out!

It says "This year for Halloween, our house wanted to dress up as... Valentine's Day!!"

Isn't the heart face cute? Nathan made it.

I do have other stuff to blog about but I've been busy and our internet router died, so I couldn't access the internet from where the pictures were uploaded.


Amy said...

We'll have to make sure we go by your house before Halloween is over. You guys come up with such fun ideas!

The Miller Family said...

I love, love, love this idea! What a fun way to still decorate the house, but with things that aren't scary... Levi is scared of almost anything Halloween, so I might be stealing this idea!!!

Michelle said...

What an excellent unique idea!!

You always come up with interesting ideas!

Love ya,

Evie said...

I just LOVE YOU guys!:) What a fun idea!