Thursday, October 8, 2009

All but $4, gone in one night

I managed to spend all but $4 of the October grocery budget in one night, two stores. Last year there was an amazing sale on baking chips (chocolate, etc.) and I stocked up. My supply lasted about a year, and I was down to one bag of chocolate chips (and 6 PB chip bags, guess I didn't plan that right). It was very tragic. I'm also using a lot more oil in making so much from scratch, and fresh produce would be a nice change to my food storage diet.

Here was my enough baking chips to last another year now that they went on a good sale, or buy yummy produce.

I bought enough chips to last a year if I scrimp (milk, semi-sweet, and dark chocolate, toffee, and cinnamon). I figured I needed dessert to get me through the food storage blahs more than bananas!

I also bought 6 bottles of oil, 40 pounds of potatoes, and 5 dozen eggs. (Oh, and 3 ounces of cumin, I use a lot of that.) I have $4 left, which will get me 9 pounds of carrots (which store forever) and 4 bunches of celery (which I'll freeze) at the current sale. The baking chips used most of the budget though. I like my choice. What would you have chosen? Vote in the poll on the right or leave a comment.

P.S. I'm sure my mom is disappointed in my choice. Sorry Mom!

P.P.S. It was so weird being back in a grocery store. There were so many choices, so many of which I realized how much I don't need. I can make them myself or avoid them.


Amy said...

You are amazing! I can't wait to learn all your wonderful tips from the upcoming RS classes. What do you do with 40 pounds of potatoes? Do you have a separate freezer for storing some of this food? You must. . . We just purchased one this past week, but can't get it until the end of the month. It's driving me crazy making my shopping list, knowing that I could stock up on things if only we had the freezer already.

Cherish said...

Amy - I'm planning to freeze shredded potatoes and twice baked potatoes. We don't actually have an extra freezer. I sometimes think it would be nice, when there are a lot of sales at once, but I don't know that I'd use it enough to make it worth it. Maybe when I have more mouths to feed.

Ryan and Tammy said...

i say i wish i had your sale. it's been ages since i've found chocolate chips on sale.