Saturday, August 1, 2009

My feet hurt.

One of the basic points of Once-a-month-cooking is to put on good shoes. Whenever I do a batch of freezer cooking, I always remember this advice around the time that I'm in pain from standing barefoot for so long. hehe.

I made granola for the first time! It's super yummy and I can't believe I never made it before! Next time I'll get my ratios right so I'll have bigger clumps.

We've been rushing out of the house most mornings without eating/packing breakfast, and I'm tired of buying breakfast or going hungry. I bought five dozen eggs last week at a good sale price, and today I decided to make breakfast burritos (as well as the granola) to stop the breakfast madness. In case you've been wondering what 35 raw eggs look like, here you go!

Sauteed mushrooms, yummy!
I made two kinds of burritos, both with eggs, onions, and cheese. One batch had mushrooms and bacon, and the other had sausage and potatoes.

I've been filling my freezer with good stuff, so when I put the burritos in to freeze before packaging them, I had a hard time making room. As you can see, I got a little creative with the ice cube tray placement.
Anyway, my feet hurt and I blew most of the afternoon, but for 30 burritos and several cups of granola, it was worth it.


Jaime said...

Now come fill my freezer! YUM!

Amy said...

Oh, you are amazing! It sounds so delicious.

I have put my mom to work while she has been here. We have made jam, apricot leather and dried apricots. I'm contemplating making apricot syrup too. Are you interested in any apricots? I'll try to track you down at church. . .