Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Debt on the prairie?

OK so remember I bought a few of the Little House on the Prairie books recently. I've been reading them on and off. In the one I just finished, I was fascinated and saddened by how much it sounds like today. They are in debt to multiple people. Laura doesn't realize how many debts they have, because Manly doesn't want to tell her. Manly keeps splurging on things they don't necessarily need, putting them even more into debt. Laura is continually stressed about being in debt.

It's just so darned sad. :(

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Miriam said...

I loved those books, too.
I just bought a series I enjoyed (ahem) way before you were born: "Louie's Lot" and three others, about an English milkman. Most of them were $1.99, but the first one must be in short supply; it was $25! USED!!