Sunday, January 4, 2009

Clean curtains and pillows and sweaters, oh my!

At some point yesterday I was suddenly filled with energy and the desire to clean/organize, even though I was still sick, and boy did I get a lot done! I love days when I get tons done around the house, they are my favorite kind! It was cold and it's really cold today (single digits) but yesterday we saw blue sky and it was so gorgeous.

I cleaned out my closet and drawers and reorganized them, to accommodate the newest batch of hand-me-downs from my sister. (I love hand-me-downs!) I often run out the door without gloves or hats, not because it's warm outside, but because I'm short on time and can't find them. I decided the best solution was to put them near the front door and Nathan and I tossed around a few storage ideas. For now, I improvised a cute little clothesline. What do you think?

I washed the bed and throw pillows, the blankets, and the winter curtains. Here are the pillows, finishing up drying.
I washed some sweaters and reorganized them so I can actually find the one I want. I found a sweater on the back of my closet shelf that I forgot I had! That's one of the problems of being short.

We got new artwork for Christmas and so the living room walls now look different.

(Just ignore the shadows, I was too lazy to take it down for the picture.)

(Also ignore the mess, I was still in the process of putting away all the Christmas stuff.)

Now Nathan's getting sick too. I get sick about 5 times more often than him, so I was in hopes that he wouldn't catch it this time. (sigh)

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