Friday, October 3, 2008


I'll accept the open-ended tag from Eve and extend it to any interested party.

I am: trying this again, I was too emotional when I started it a few days ago.
I think: that I should make deviled eggs this weekend.
I know: my number, my telephone number, now I can always call home!
I want: to be a stay-at-home mom.
I have: lots of blessings.
I dislike: eggplant.
I fear: things I can't control (earthquakes, fire, rape, that sort of thing).
I feel: the keyboard under my fingers.
I hear: coworkers talking.
I smell: too many things, thanks to cubicles.
I crave: food. I really just love food.
I cry: easily at movies, just a few tears.
I usually: go to bed later than I should.
I search: using google. I google everything.
I wonder: when I'll get pregnant.
I regret: lots of things, but I'm learning to let them go.
I love: my family.
I care: about what people think of me, too often.
I always: peer out the window when I wake up in the middle of the night, to make sure my car is still in the driveway and nothing crazy is going on outside.
I worry: about the things I'm not doing that I should.
I am not: sad that it's the weekend.
I believe: I am a child of God and He loves me more than I can imagine.
I sing: whenever I am alone in the elevator for more than a couple floors.
I don't always: iron clothes that should be ironed.
I argue: with Nathan more than I should.
I write: on scratch paper whenever possible.
I win: usually the first time I play a new game. I have beginners' luck.
I lose: Settlers of Catan quite often when I play.
I wish: I was a little more happy-go-lucky.
I listen: to the wind blowing whenever I can.
I can usually be found: drinking water.
I am scared: see the fear answer.
I forget: what I've accomplished in my life, every single birthday when I get depressed.
I am happy: at random times.
I am.......tagging you.

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Evie said...

I am:glad you filled out these answers. Nice to get to know you better! :)